Sr. secondary XI to XII

For the purpose of fostering competences in learners, the curriculum encompasses seven major learning areas, which are: Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Sciences, Skill Subjects, General Studies and Health and Physical Education. These areas are broadly divided into electives and compulsory areas.

The focus of JPS is on the development of 21st-century skills in settings where each student feels independent, safe, and comfortable with their learning.

Salient Features of the JPS Senior Secondary School

  • Enlist general and specific teaching and assessment objectives to make learning competency based.
  • Encourage the application of knowledge and skills in real life problem solving scenarios.
  • Promote Critical and Creative Thinking aligned to the 21st Century Skills in classrooms.
  • Well qualified teachers from RIE/ IIT/Vishwa Bharti etc universities to guide students for their future path in coming days.
  • Most modern physics, chemistry, biology, computer lab, sports ground, art and craft studio to assist the learning process.
  • Various seminars by subject experts, career counsellors, motivational speakers, achievers of various field