About us

About JPS

Igniting the spark of genius in every child.

Jain Public School, Barnagar is growing at a fast pace. It is a new step towards introducing modern education to the children living in villages and small towns. Our school’s motto is to instill into a child- Knowledge, Skills, Values, and Growth. To achieve this goal the school is determined to bring out the hidden talents of a child and to concentrate on the overall development of the child with the help of modern tools and techniques

School Vision

Jain Public School is committed to the development of society through holistic quality education at an affordable cost.

Holistic education is modern global education imbibed in traditional Indian values and culture. The School aims to achieve it by:
  • Creating a child-friendly environment to foster healthy and moral growth.
  • Inculcating values among its pupils, of universal brotherhood, acceptance of all religions and faith, thereby creating truly global citizens.
  • Focusing on the overall development of 3H's (head, heart, and hand), through excellent academics, sports and games, other co-curricular activities, and serving the community in the best possible manner.
  • Providing opportunities to develop strong moral character is the basis of all educational endeavors.

Our Philosophy

True education is the overall growth of the head, heart, and hand. We believe that every child is potentially divine and possesses an inherent desire to grow. We are providing a congenial environment where each child gets an opportunity to grow into a complete human being who is a treasure for the community. Providing the opportunity for each child to develop good character runs across in all activities of the school.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin.